Anton Kubikov, Anna Kubikova.


Here’s an inspirational couple working together to showcase each one’s artistic and creative mind and help each other produce the best product they can. I met Anna in Prague a couple years back and heard of her and her husbands endeavors. Now married myself I have a new appreciation for couples who work together, especially one’s who can create a business together. This couple does so effortlessly and is truly inspiring to any energetic couple working towards greater things. I was supposed to wait for the launch of but I just couldn’t, here it is!


We are constantly reminded of Hollywoods newest power couples, but what we forget is that there is an entire world of power couples being born. Let’s look beyond the border and bring some new faces to the for front. Take Anton Kubikov and Anna Kubikova for example. They are a Russian based couple making moves in both the fashion and music industry. Between his heavy electric beats and her relaxed yet elegantly draped fashions, they are a complete combination of sugar and spice.

Anna has been working towards strengthening her collection of styles for 5 years now. She continues to create new pieces for a boutique in Moscow while finding inspiration through music she says, “… I need it to start, then I put the fabric on the floor and in a few minutes I see what it is going to be,” -Anna. She doesn’t use any design soft wear to promote the idea of completely hand made designs each unique in their own way. If you take a look at her collection you are sure to be impressed with her concept and how well she is able to execute and complete her ideas with each of her pieces. Now, Moscow as we have come to know, gets quite cold, enters her beautiful collection of knitted scarves and gloves. She designs more then just outer wear, she also tackles the handbag market with her beautiful handmade clutches. From top to bottom you can find pieces both fit for the runway and every day life (depending on your lifestyle of course). The combination of her classic and elegant comfort looks and her husbands massive tunes are sure to collide as gracefully as the time they met.

“Anton flew like a meteor with great speed viniz inexorably closer to the ground, and at this point Anna rose slowly, dangling feet, the cable car. In one moment their eyes met, Anton grabbed the top of spruce, not to crash, and Anna elegantly jumped on a branch nearby. Since then, they have never been apart.” -Anna

The two share an electric relationship that is both creative and exciting. Not being a traditional couple, these trendsetting individuals got married in private and threw a party afterwards featuring their friend Superpitcher on the turn tables. Together they are working to create their own shop showcasing both their talents in design and music. “We both live in a world of hope and future accomplishments.” -Anna

This brings me to Anton. He began his quest to produce unique sounds while spending time as a journalist on the radio in his home town in Russia. It was there that he developed a true love for music. Soon after his initial exposure to the bold sounds of “Trance Europe Express” which just so happens to be the first record he purchased, he was able to intensify is own sound. From the time he played his fist gig in 1994 at Oktober Hermitage Club in Moscow to now, owning somewhere between 4000 and 5000 records, he has become a desired DJ that will set you off in such a deep trance even the strong may need help pulling you out. He’s manipulated dance floors of all walks in Japan, Germany, UK, Brasil, and Australia to name a few. His creative ear helps him create some of the best techhouse/dubtechno beats in more countries then one. Living “…somewhere between the past and the future,”  -Anton in a creative world only we who don’t live there can only imagine truly strengthens his ability to stretch time through his elusive mixes. Not only does he spend time on the tables, he owns a record label, PRO-TEZ Records which is an electronic music label based in LA and Moscow. It is headed by Ed Karapetyan, Anton Kubikov and Maxim Milyutenko and started in 2005, later joining the KOMPAKT family and distribution. The primary focus of the PRO-TEZ records is to work with a broad roster of artists who create a wide scope of innovative approaches toward minimal electronic music that is equally comfortable on the dance floor as in the living room. Now the record label is getting world wide recognition and with a number of releases proved to be an exquisite music vessel for young and never heard before musicians. The label will explore the wide palette of microscopically intricate compositions that are based on the foundation of minimalist music and at the same time develop original ideas. The idea of a music revelation seems to be taking form in more countries then our very own, speaking of Ditty’s new”Revolt” TV. We are sure to find some of these new artists and DJ’s on our own suggested lists on Pandora and Spotify soon.

Anna and Anton together not only plan to built there own shop showcasing both their creative minds, but also put together a fashion show that will not only present her fashions but his ear for music. With the added inspiration of their 3-year-old daughter Eva, together they can’t be stopped.

-Rebekah Rose

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